About the Book

Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom and  Affirmations, is a  guide to these topics.

It clues you in to how Intuition works and what's involved. You'll see how easy it is to access and trust it.  
Do you think you are a novice about Feng Shui? You'll easily understand and learn the empowering placement of colors, elements and much more!  The method we use assigns the front door as the mouth of the chi. I have found this to be a very good method, which means it produces significant results.
The content about Affirmations lets you know how to create an affirmation to get the results your looking for. It contains valuable information that will make a difference with the way you perceive and design affirmations,

Click on the following underscored link: About The Book to access it. It will take you to the the page on Amazon and you can look inside the book. One more thing to know- It's a great gift for practically anyone!  

What People Are Saying -                                                         

Clients at a distance relate that this book makes it easy to learn or to revisit these ideas without having to leave their home-

"Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom and Affirmations gives understanding of these three areas that can jumpstart us to make positive changes  in our lives. Pearle makes us feel at ease with trusting our intuition and with the  idea that we can facilitate change with Feng Shui and correctly applied affirmations."   -  Rebecca Gurland  author-Envision Better Eyesight, www.energyconscious.org                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "This book is for the beginner and the expert. A must for the home library as it is easy to understand. It gives insight into intuition, feng shui and truth principles. I have been involved in spiritual philosophy and practice for decades and found that this book gives a good foundation."                           Cecelia Lucas - Spiritual energy healer

 "Daily life is sometimes so confusing and complicated, this book offers  a positive  way to live your life."   - K. Mosgrove,   Inspirational writer